Polyurethane Professionals working for a cause

As professional providers of polyurethane products and services, we don’t limit ourselves to the provision of these, but rather the manner in which we deliver, ultimately setting us apart from the competition, and giving our clients the trust and peace of mind to return again, and again.

Our Mission and Values

Whether it’s a custom polyurethane product, or the maintenance of piping and infrastructure, Polypro exist with a purpose that informs the consistent quality that we deliver.

Put simply, our mission can be summarised as:

  • To support industry
  • Openness and honesty in relationships
  • Mutually beneficial solutions, every time.

Our Values

Safe Operating – Expected Always

Respect – In all of our actions

Commitment – Fulfilling needs and expectations

Community – Mutual support to achieve our goals

Achievement – Built by what we do

Contact Us Today

If you’re looking for polyurethane professionals that deliver quality in every encounter, give us a call today on 07 4952 2111.